How to Copy From Excel to Navision

    • 1

      Run Microsoft Excel and open the Excel worksheet that you wish to export to Navision.

    • 2

      Click “File” and click “Save As.”

    • 3

      Click the “Save as type:” drop down menu and click “CSV (comma delimited) (*.csv)” in the list.

    • 4

      Click the “Save” button to save the worksheet as an unformatted CSV file.

    • 5

      Run the Navision application.

    • 6

      Click “Tools” > “Object Designer” in the menu bar.

    • 7

      Click “Dataport” and click “New” to create a new dataport object.

    • 8

      Type “Variable” in the FileFormat property field.

    • 9

      Type a single quotation mark ” ” ” in the FieldStart Delimiter and FieldEndDelimiter property fields.

    • 10

      Type a single semicolon “;” in the FieldSeparator property field.

    • 11

      Click the “Item” tab.

    • 12

      Click the “AutoSave” field and click “Yes” in the value list.

    • 13

      Click the “AutoUpdate” field and click “Yes” in the value list.

    • 14

      Click “Save” to save your changes and exit the Dataport Designer window.

    • 15

      Click “File” in the menu bar, then click “Run” to run the Navision dataport.

    • 16

      Click the “FileName” field and type in the name of the CSV file that you exported from Excel.

    • 17

      Click the “Direction” field and select “Import” from the list.

    • 18

      Click the “OK” button. Navision imports the data from the CSV file into the Navision application.



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