How to Copy Navision Data Between Databases

    • 1

      Click the Windows “Start” button and select “All Programs.” Click “SQL Server” and select “SQL Server Management Studio” to open the database configuration software.

    • 2

      Right-click the database server name and select “All Tasks.” Click “Export Data” to start the wizard. Click “Next” on the first window to move to the configuration setup.

    • 3

      Click “Next” in the “Data Source” window. The wizard automatically places the current SQL Server information in the text boxes for you. In the next window, type the name of the target database where you want to send the Navision information. Click “Next.”

    • 4

      Select the first option labeled “Table(s) and view(s) from the source database.” Click “Next.” The next window shows all the available Navision tables. Click the “Select All” option to choose all of the tables and click “Next.”

    • 5

      Click “Next” until you reach the final window. Click “Finish” to start copying the data. It takes several minutes to copy all of the data, depending on the size of your tables.


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