Navision security system

The Navision security system allows you to control which objects (tables and so on)
each individual user can access within each database. You can specify the type of
access that each user has to these tables and records – whether they are able to
read, modify or enter data.
Furthermore, in the SQL Server Option you can specify which particular records that
are stored in these tables each individual user is allowed to access. In other words,
permissions can be allocated at both table level and at record level in the SQL Server Option for Navision.

The Navision security system contains information about the permissions that have
been granted to each individual user who can access each particular database. This
information includes the roles that the users have been assigned as well as any
particular permissions that they have been granted as individual users.
The Navision security system, even though it is a homogenous integrated system, can
be said to consist of four different levels of security:
· Database Level Security
· Company Level Security
· Object Level Security
· Record Level Security

Graphically these can be represented as the layers of an onion where the central layer
is the records in the database:


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