Navision Terms E to L

Ellipsis Button − One of the four types of AssistButtons. Ellipsis Buttons are
used to view system-filtered options.

Field − Used to enter or display information; consists of a field name, definition
and field contents.Field Filter − A filter that is set on a single field in a table, limiting the amount
of information displayed or printed.

Filters − A tool that allows the user to limit the scope of information presented
online or in printed format; the three filters are Field, Table and Flow.


Flow Filter − A filter which limits the amount of information presented based on
a value that posted with the entries. Flow Filters are set on fields that end with
the word Filter.

Focus − Where the cursor is placed in Navision, also see Insertion Point.

Form − Displays information on the screen and gives access for editing, deleting
and adding data in either a card or tabular form. One of seven Object types in

Function Keys − Each of the function keys has a shortcut assigned to it and
using the combination of the CONTROL or SHIFT key with a Function key
provides additional shortcuts. The availability of the various shortcuts is screen
dependent, this may be reviewed by accessing Help, Overview of F Keys

Granule − A basic building block of Navision allowing firms to purchase only
the functionality they need.

HTML − An acronym for hypertext markup language, a format widely used on
the web.

Inline Editing − Used to change the contents of selected fields in posted entries;
accessed by clicking F2 twice.

Insertion Point − The spot where text is entered when it is typed. Normally
appears as a blinking vertical line in a window or a dialog box. Also called the
cursor because the blinking vertical line is one form the cursor can take.

Invoice − An original entry document in Purchases and Sales allowing
information to be recorded and posted for purposes of recording amounts due
to/from Vendors and Customers. Invoices differ from Orders in that Receiving
and/or Shipping are not done from an Invoice.

Key − A field or combination of fields in a table that may be used to sort the

Ledger Entries − Posted activity linked to a table.

License − A file containing a record of the Navision granules purchased by your
company; may be viewed by selecting TOOLS→LICENSE INFORMATION.
List − A data view which has multiple records per window, displaying
information about several customers, vendors, items, etc. at one time; another
way of describing a Tabular Window. The List button is accessed from a Card
view by selecting the List button from the Toolbar.

Look Up − One of four types of AssistButtons. The upward arrow indicates this
is a way to view another table; once viewed, data may be retrieved and inserted
into the field you accessed the table from.


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