Navision Terms M to N


Master Item − The primary table in a granule, around which that granule
functions. For instance, Customers are the Master Item in Sales; Vendors in
Purchases; and Contacts in Marketing.

Menu Bar − Located just below the Title Bar; this standard Windows feature
contains pull-down menus to select functions such as creating new companies,
design tools, and help.

Menu Button − Have a downward-pointing triangle on them and they are found
on the majority of windows. When clicked, they display a menu from which you
can, for example, select a function, open a different window or open a submenu.

MenuSuite − The MenuSuite object contains the menus that are displayed in the
Navigation Pane and in the Navigation Pane Designer. Each menu contains
content for a specific departmental area, for example, Finance or Manufacturing.
One of seven Object types in Navision.


Navigate − A function that allows the user to view a summary of the number and
type of entries related to the document. When you select the entry you want in
the table and click Navigate, you will see a list of the records – grouped according
to table – that have the same document number and the same posting date as the
entry you selected.

Navigation Pane − When you open Navision, the Navigation Pane will appear
on the left side of the Application Window. The Navigation Pane lists options
that allow you to choose the application area, such as Financial Management and
Sales & Marketing.


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