Navision Terms O to R


Object Designer − The interface used to modify or design additional forms,
reports, tables, dataports and codeunits.

Objects − The building blocks of Navision. There are seven types of objects:
Forms, Tables, Reports, Dataports, Codeunits, XMLports, and the MenuSuite.

ODBC − An acronym for Open Database Connectivity. ODBC enables Navision
to be linked and data copied to Excel, Crystal Reports, etc.

Option Button − A circular field which serves to select only one option from
those listed. Clicking in this field indicates the desired choice.

Option List − One of four types of AssistButtons. The Option List is a short,
predefined list from which the user selects the desired choice.

Order − An original entry document in Purchases and Sales allowing
information to be recorded and posted for purposes of recording amounts due
to/from Vendors and Customers. Orders differ from Invoices in that Receiving
and/or Shipping are done from an Order.


Passwords − Necessary when security has been setup; used in combination with
the User Id to log into Navision. Data entry in Navision is case sensitive in the
Password field.

Primary Key − A field in a table that is used to identify the record in the table
and is therefore required to have a unique value.

Pull-Down Menu − A listing of options available from a menu button or menu

Purchase Invoice − Used to record vendor bills that do not have inventory items
on them, vouchers would be recorded here.

Record − One line of a table, for example a single Customer in a listing. A
record contains multiple fields and a table contains multiple records.

Record Indicator − Appears to the left of the record you are focused on in a List
or Tabular Window.

Recorder Buttons − A series of buttons on the Tool Bar that are used to move
through a list of records.

Reports − A printout of information from the database; reports are generally
used internally by management. One of seven Object types in Navision.

Restore − A process whereby you create a database and populate it with the
information held in your backup file.

Request Form − The form that is displayed prior to printing or previewing a
report that allows the user to set filters and select options prior to printing.


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