Three basic types of information

There are three basic types of information which are important in Navision:
* Stock data
* Transaction data
* Calculated data

* What is Stock data – Stock data is the type of data that, in principle, should never change. The name and tax ID of your firm for example are types of stock data. Another example would be the names and account numbers of your Chart of Accounts. Stock data is the information backbone of the daily business and should rarely change. In Microsoft Navision this type of information is usually presented in the file card type view, like the customer or item cards for example.

* What is Transaction data – Transaction data is the information type that records the history of your daily business activities. It is called transaction data because it is continually growing with every movement of your accounts and is usually presented in a table view. The table view is excellent for transaction data because it shows you many records in a chronological list which helps you see the timeline of
movements. Examples of transaction data in Microsoft Navision include: the Chart of Accounts postings, the inventory postings and customer payments.

*What is Calculated data – Calculated data is where stock and transaction data types meet—where we find the sum of changes or movements associated with a standard product. For example, in the Item Card where the inventory movements of an item are shown in the Inventory field. We find another calculation field in the Customer Card
where the customer’s actual account balance (the sum of all payments and charges) is shown. This type of data is always current and actual in Microsoft Navision and can be found everywhere, including table views and file cards. When you click on
such a field and the arrow that appears, the information that Microsoft Navision used to arrive at its calculation is immediately opened.


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