Quit, Break, SKIP, EXIT


1. Quit 

  • Quit can only be used in Report, Data-port or XMLport. (Like Currreport.quit/Currxmlport.quit). It completely stops the execution of code,. If some execution already occurs before the quit statement then all of those processed will get rolled back.

2. Break

  • In a Report Dataport or XMLport. This statement will take you out from any trigger.This statement will break the  Repeat – Until loop and come out of the loop without any further executions. Processes performed before this will  remain executed.

3. SKIP 

  • In a Report Dataport or XMLport. It skips the execution for certain conditions applied.


  • EXIT normally used in a function to return a value. It can be up to the developers requirement like what he wants in   return if a function gets called like a decimal value, a text or a code value. It can be too used with some calculations like EXIT (X/Y  + A * B).



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