Upload License


Method 1.

1. Open Development Environment + Object Designer.
2. Navigate – Tools -> License Information.

3. Once you press License Information, Following window will get displayed which will show the description of the current license running.

4. Now to change the License simply press change and choose the destination folder from where you want to Import. Just remember you have just changed the License so it’s just temporary. To permanently change the License you need to upload this to your Database.

5. Now again Navigate to same place, Tools -> License Information but this time instead of changing License choose upload button to upload the License. This will get saved in your Database and any time you open, you will be in your Development environment with this License.

6. Once it’s uploaded you will get following confirmation message.


Method 2

1. Navigate to File -> Database -> Alter

2. Push Integration tab. You will see “Save license in database”. Choose and press OK.

3. Now follow the process as stated above.



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