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Hey Friends,

Today I am here to discuss as how to send SMS from NAV. Before I go further and discuss the Process I just want to let everybody know that it’s not something which is free but we need to buy some credits. 🙂 🙂

There are many ways to do this but I will show with the help of a Portal I.E.

Now first of all you need to do a Signup on this site and have your own Login and Password. Once you have your ID and Password and you are logged in you will have a look and feel of something like this.


Now as you can see you will have initially 0.00 credits which you need to buy some from Buy Credits menu. Once you have a credit you need to set-up an Email. Press Email to SMS and open the page.


Now you need to press Click here as highlighted above. Here you need to put in an Email which will act as a confidential email and will hold the senders ownership.


Now you need to enter the Email address and password here and press Update button. Update button will generate a SMTP authentication ID.

You are done with the settings. Now you need to send an email from this authenticated Email ID to someone like this :-

To – can add multiple recipients here)

Subject – Add the Password here which you wrote in the above screenshot. This one is for Authentication

Body – Your Message.

You can open Please read the help in the first screenshot to check further rules and guidelines.




4 comments on “Send SMS – Dynamics NAV

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  3. Yes exactly :). But if there would be some way to use it as a free service then it would be more interesting. 🙂 🙂

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