File Upload – SFTP


Hey Friends,

This post I dedicated in how to upload a file on SFTP from NAV. This normally happens when we are doing some sort of processing from a file which has to be processed needs to be downloaded from a SFTP and then eventually needs to be processed. SFTP is Secured File Transfer Protocol so it’s  a level more secured then FTP.

Below is the screenshot of the code that needs to be written.

This code is to move File to respective SFTP.

WinSCP is free DLL that you can find over internet and its very effective.



11 comments on “File Upload – SFTP

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  3. Hi

    Im having problems to use the WinSPC library on NAV, I can find the type and the class on declaring variables, but thows an error when try to execute saying can create an instance of .NET object WinSpcnet…

    I’ve registered

    Any ideas?

  4. Great!!!. Sorry for delayed response, Was somehow busy with Christmas and New Year Celebrations 🙂

    Let me know for any more concerns.

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