Permission Set – Security Filter


Hey Friends,

May be you all are aware about this feature in Permission Set which say Security Filter!! I just used and wanted to share this to you as this will add an extra security layer to your permission set. This basically works on field level, say you want to introduce one permission set and that permission should explicitly make the user to see only those records in Sales Order for which Salesperson code = SR,

Here’s how you can achieve this, Just navigate to Architectural Window./Departments/Administration/IT Administration/General/Permission Sets  and then hit permissions in the Action bar. Here you will find all set objects that has been introduced, just simply navigate to Sales Header and in the right side you will see security filters


Assist edit on this and then it will take you to new window which will give you the list of the Fields of that table and then you can apply your specific filter on any of the defined field.


Hit OK and you are done. Just apply this Role to any of the user and then cross verify!!


Soap Service – Special Characters


Hey Folks,

We all know SOAP Services has it’s own Protocol while commuting over different Platforms. Sometimes Client is willing to send special characters for there own reasons over web service but it is not permitted within SOAP protocols.

Here is the way how you can make this accessible with a tweak, while calling service replace this special characters with:

< is converted to &lt;

> is converted to &gt;

& is converted to &amp;

is converted to &quot;

Now at the other end you just need to decode it to get back the original special character that you have. Here is the code you need to write-


Here Bigtext will have decoded value coming in InputBigtext.

DecodeSpecialCharacter    DotNet     System.Net.WebUtility.’System, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089′