Debit Credit Concept – Accounting


Hey Friends,

I know there’s always been a confusion to understand this Accounting concept like which account gets Credited and exactly which will get Debited as there’s no generic sign for Debit and Credit. Sometimes Debit means Positive (+) and sometimes it means Negative (-) and the same goes vice versa for Credit. So I just made this small structure which will help you understand when Debit means positive and for which Account Type and the same for Credit.







Here Account Type means either its a Balance Sheet or Income Statement. Debit (+) means this Account will get Debited with a + value and Credit will be in -. The same way this will get Credited + means this Account will be Credited with a  + value and Debit will be in -.

I wrote DEALER on the top because it will make easier for you to remember the Accounts. First three DEA means Draw, Expense and Asset and last 3 LER means Liability, Equity and Revenue.