Update FlowFields at Runtime – No Need to Refresh


Hey Friends,

I believe many of you have experienced a situation where you have added a FlowField to calculate say Sum of Quantities from the Sales Line for each and every respective Orders. Though the requirement seems very simple but every time you need to refresh the Page to see it’s effect if you are adding any new line to the Order. See the below Screenshot.

FlowField Calculation at Runtime

Every time you will add a new line you need to refresh the Page to get the Header values updated, But just adding a few lines of Code you can make FlowFields effective without even Refreshing the Page. It will reflect you at the Run-time only. Have a look on the below Screenshot.


You just need to add the above  piece of code which is actually affecting the FlowField, like in this case its Quantity of the Sales Line.

WshShell        Automation        ‘Windows Script Host Object Model’.WshShell

NOTE – You Don’t Need to do this for NAV 2016 as it’s been already handled there in itself. 🙂