Virtual Table – Key


Hey Friends,

This Post is about Virtual Table – KeyKey virtual table contains information about all the keys that are defined in each and every table in the database. Again like if you want to get the complete information of the keys the Standard and the one you created then can hit this virtual table. As we all know Sum Index Fields makes our work a way more easier but it’s too been recommended not to use too much of this as it reduces performance as that of Flow Fields.

So if you want to calculate how much Sum Index Fields you have made in the entire Database then you can hit this virtual table.


This virtual table gives you the following Information’s –

TableNo –  ID of the Table.

No. – Its a sequential ID assigned for multiple fields of the same Table.

TableName – Name of the Table.

Key – Combination of Fields that makes the Key.

SumIndexField – SumIndexFields defined for that Key.

SQLIndex –  Actual fields that have been defined in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and are used in the corresponding index on SQL Server instead of those defined in the key.

Enabled – Either the Field is Enabled or not.

MaintainSQLIndex – MaintainSQLIndex property has been activated or not. This field can be modified.

MaintainSIFTIndex – MaintainSIFTIndex property has been activated. This field can be modified.

Clustered – Either the Key is Clustered or not. This field can be modified.