Virtual Table – Field


Hey Folks,

This Post is about Virtual Table – Field. Field virtual table contains information about all the fields of all the Tables in the Database. If at any time you want the complete specification of the Fields from development perspective then this virtual Table is for you. You can even use this Virtual Table for comparing the fields of different tables for any sort of queries you have.


This Table consists of following specifications –

TableNo –  ID of the Table.

No. – Its a sequential ID assigned for multiple fields of the same Table.

TableName – Name of the Table.

FieldName – Name of the Field.

Type – Data Type of the Field.

Len – Length of the field(Bytes).

Class – Class of the field – FlowField,FlowFilter.

Enabled – Whether the field is enabled.

Type Name –  Data type assigned to the field with Length(Code,Text).

Field Caption –  Caption of the field in the language that has been selected.

RelationTableNo – ID of the Table on to which the Field is related.

RelationFieldNo – Number of the field in another table that the field is related to.

SQLDataType – Data type assigned to code fields.